Yi Garden in Herbert Park at a standstill 

Geneva Pattison

The planned installation of the Yi Garden in Herbert park has been postponed pending a review. The project had been on the table since 2016, and was set to be undertaken in September of this year. Newsfour got in touch with the Senior Executive Parks Superintendent for the DCC, Michael Noonan, for further information. In correspondence, Mr. Noonan clarified that “The project is currently being re-evaluated by the new administration in Yangzhou City and therefore the garden installation has been delayed until this review has been completed.’’

On July the 8th, the South East Area Committee had discussed the planned Yi Garden installation during their monthly meeting. The update on the garden indicated that the structure would be moved from the originally proposed placement in the park near the pond and the bandstand. The updated placement would see the Yi Garden placed closer to the public amenities and café on the opposite side of the park. This new positioning would also ensure visibility of the garden from the adjacent road while remaining close to the Chinese embassy on Merrion Road.

The Yi Garden was first exhibited at Bloom in 2016. It was Bloom’s first international garden and drew inspiration from traditional Chinese painting theory. Stylistic qualities of the garden included a pagoda style shelter, a pond and rockery, a waterfall and an integrated harmonious planting scheme.The literal translation of Yi Garden is “the garden of friendship” and had been offered as a gift to Ireland from the city of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province in China, to represent the good relationship between the two countries. Yangzhou city is historically famous for its scenic Slender West Lake area and similarly for its scholars, poets, artists.