Write it out

BY Kathrin Kobus

The first month of the year 2020 is already passed the halfway mark,

A new decade has begun and there is one strong advice we will have to follow throughout this year.

Do not abbreviate simply to 20.

Write the full year out in all four digits as 2020.

Doing it in the shortened form will make it easier for fraudulent change validity of contracts, agreements, sales, schemes, applications for passport, college, university etc.

If you write for example the day of the upcoming election as 08.02.20 it is possible to simply add another two numbers and make it back or forth in time as in 08.02.2008 or 2030.

It may feel like a time loop regarding some of the candidates, still the only way the calendar dates move on is forward without any giant leaps and gaps.  

We only have the extra day (29th) in February, because it is a leap year.

So make sure you always fully write out the date whether in any handwritten official correspondence that requires your signature or forms you fill in online.