Name Mr Tayto’s baby lemurs!

Tayto Park is thrilled to announce the arrival of twin Lemurs! Help name the latest arrivals to be in with a chance to win a Tayto Park family pass
Excitement was in the air at Tayto Park earlier this month as zookeepers welcomed two sets of twin ring-tailed lemurs into Ireland’s only theme park and zoo.
It was a busy month for the Tayto Park zoo team as the first set of twin ring-tailed lemurs were born to Dolly on the 5th of March, with a second baby lemur born a week after to mum Charlie, while another set of lemur twins arrived last week to mother Diana. All mums and new births are doing well and are settling into their new home.
The Tayto Park zookeepers don’t as yet know the gender of the new arrivals as the baby lemurs can’t be disturbed at this early bonding stage, however the Tayto Park zookeepers need help to suggest names for the latest arrivals!
To be in with a chance to win a family pass to Tayto Park, the zoo team are encouraging boys and girls – young and old to head over to the official Tayto Park Facebook or Instagram page and comment with your suggested names under the lemur imagery social post to be in with a chance to win. Tayto Park will contact a winner directly, competition closes Monday, 6th April.
Endemic to Madagascar, ring-tailed lemurs are considered one of the world’s most endangered group of mammals, according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Distinguishing features include their long, thick, tail with black and white rings, marking their territory by scent.
Ring tailed lemurs are social animals and live in groups known as troops led by dominant females. The Tayto Park troop is made up of young individuals who are part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.
Park and Zoo Manager at Tayto Park, Lee Donohoe said “We’re delighted to welcome our latest lemur arrivals to the Tayto Park Zoo. Both the new arrivals and their mums are doing very well and we’re already seeing some of their cheeky, playful traits! The birth of any species at the park is always exciting but even more so when they have such conservation importance.”
The new arrivals will settle into their new home ‘Lemur Woods’, Ireland’s largest lemur walkthrough which opened last year, giving visitors an immersive experience with this incredible endangered species.
Set in a large habitat in a natural woodland, visitors walk along a looped pathway within the enclosure, creating a fun, dynamic experience giving visitors the opportunity to see and learn all about these fascinating and lovable primates closer than ever before.
Tayto Park has postponed its scheduled 2020 opening date, to ensure the health and safety of our staff and visitors, in line with official guidelines. Tayto Park will monitor the situation closely, and will open when it is safe to do so. Tayto Park look forward to welcoming visitors soon, and in the meantime, stay safe!
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