Poets Corner

The Shellybanks

Barry Saunders

Heading down the pidgeon house road on a sunny May day
Just me and the grandson as it’s his favourite place to play
The rest will follow down soon as we have been sent on ahead
Get a good berth was the last thing Polly said
Twenty one degrees today in our Costa Ringsend
Yes we are really lucky to have this little godsend
Lunch soon after noon sees one massive spread
Washed down with mugs of tea and we are all well fed
Full tide in around ten past four and water so warm and clear
Strong blowing wind brings high waves and delighted kids and adults cheer
Then back to the beach as the kids dig up the sand
Sandcastles built followed by massive holes dug sure isn’t life just grand
Dinner time now is the call from the wall
A mad scramble back sees not one of us fall
Chicken and salad lots of Lars corned beef too
Potato, ham, curried rice and even bowls of stew
Everything’s soon eaten so the shout goes out to put back on the kettle
While we wait for it to boil it gives the oul tummy time to settle
A slice of madeira or would you try some lemon cake
There’s coffee slices, jam doughnuts only this morning put in the oven to bake
Nearly six o clock now so time to put on our walking shoes
Out to the red lighthouse sure no better place to choose
Just after eight it’s time to pack up and hit the road
Covered in sand which itches the sunburn
No one cares as we cannot wait to return
Can see old familiar faces from down through the years
Shellybank ghosts laughing, splashing and same delightful cheers .

The Coming Of The Virus

Shay Connolly

Where did you come from, when will you go?
You make us sad and sag, like a weeping willow
Do we have to suffer, so the world can recalibrate
Is this the final chance, we ask, or are we too late?

Did you come in nature’s way, the Earth to regulate
The few mad men and women who were deciding all our fate
Stripping all our natural wealth, our homes and lands and all
Had you to come, to ensure, those greedy few would fall

Did you come to stop the burning of the Earth
Is your goal to warn us, of the need for our rebirth,
Does the lesson have to be, so terribly, terribly cruel
To stop the greed and put an end, to this global rule.

Does it have to be so general, the horror that lays in store
Are we all guilty for allowing them, come inside our door,
Should we have been braver and thrown them all back out
Is it because we closed our eyes and didn’t raise a shout

We cannot fight you, with all the arms that we have made
The nuclear button, the aerial bomb or the hand grenade
Must we slow, slow down, and learn the errors of our ways
Did you have to come among us to put an end to all this craze

Are you far into your circle or is there more to go,
Have we destroyed so much, that the lesson must be slow
Is this our ultimate sacrifice, so our children can survive
Is this the final warning, to keep humankind alive

Oh man, woman, boy or girl, no matter where you are
Don’t ignore the signals that this virus spreads afar
There is a chance, that we could dance, once again in love
And pray it won’t be long until, the virus is a dove.