Let’s re-imagine a society without discrimination

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services have just launched an exciting No Stigma campaign, which aims to reimagine a life without mental health stigma. They hope you can join them in growing the conversation around mental health and showing how life without stigma benefits us all.

What’s the campaign about?

No Stigma aims to highlight how a society without mental health stigma is better for us all by showing the positive effects when we do not experience stigma or discrimination: life without stigma means we all get to live it.

Right now, minding our mental health and supporting each other is key to getting through these challenging times. This is true for us all – from parents working at home while caring for children and people cocooning for extended periods, to essential and healthcare workers working so hard at the frontline.

As we move into a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an opportunity to leave mental health stigma behind.

How can you get involved?

You can visit our campaign website – nostigma.ie – and take part by:

• Sharing examples of the positive difference it makes when mental health stigma or discrimination is not experienced

• Learning about what a home, work or community without stigma would mean

• Sharing the campaign materials with friends and contacts, or in your work or community environment.

• You can also help us build our voice by sharing the campaign message on your social media channels. You’ll find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn: please do tag us in your posts and use the campaign hashtags, #nostigma or #lifewithoutstigma.