GIY Grow it Forward Campaign

Seedlings, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Geneva Pattison

Grow it Yourself (GIY) work to support people around the world by encouraging them to try and grow some of their own food. They hope to create a new generation of food growers to promote sustainability and eco-friendly change.

GIY are based in Waterford, but connect with people and projects all over the globe. This is done by creating educational resources, sending out food growing starter packs and by creating national awareness through their work with companies, chefs, citizens and communities.

The 5 principles of the GIY movement are:

1: Eat more plants.

2: End food waste.

3: Support small producers.

4: Stop food pollution.

5: Connect with nature.

What is the Grow it Forward campaign?

Grow it Forward is a nationwide initiative to help people stay welland feel healthier by growing their own produce. They aim to reach around half a million people in Ireland. The project is in partnership with the Healthy Ireland library program and the Irish Government’s Keep Well initiative.

GIY are sending out 50,000 seed packs to people who have already registered, however seed packs may still be available from your local library if you ask! If you have received the seed starter packs from GIY, they are asking you to share your seedlings with up to 10 other people, to help the initiative reach as many people as possible.

Each pack includes seed packets of beetroot, carrot, tomato, peas and salad leaves. You can send some seeds in the post to friends or neighbours, start the seeds in pots yourself and share them around or grow the produce to fruition yourself and share the end product with people in your area.

Find out more about GIY and their campaigns by visiting their website linked below.