Irish grown flower market business boom!

Dahlias, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Geneva Pattison

A new press release has revealed that a the number of “flower farmers” cultivating their passion for beautiful fresh flowers and growing their own flowers and foliage on Irish soil has grown in popularity!

This is important news for businesses in the Irish flower market across the country.

As mentioned in the release, “over 95% of cut flowers sold in Ireland are imported from abroad, involving significant air miles. However, more and more consumers are now seeking out home-grown alternatives, according to Britta Baranowsky, Chairperson of the Flower Farmers of Ireland group.”

Not only will this change in buying habits improve profits within the Irish flower market, it also will mean less damage to the environment. As mentioned above, due to the huge amount of imported flowers being sold on our shores, the air miles and road transport emissions are immense. Irish grown cut flowers will provide a more eco-friendly approach to the sale of flowers on the island.

Pink Flowers, courtesy of Geneva Pattison.

The Flower Farmers of Ireland group currently has nearly 60 members across the whole of Ireland. They share their knowledge and expertise in flower growing with each other online, through forums and chat groups.

It has been announced that from July 5th-11th, The Flower Farmers of Ireland will be running Irish Flower week. This week-long event will celebrate the wealth and variety of Irish cut flowers, foliage and plants.

As mentioned by the Chairperson, Britta Baranowsky in the press release:

“Our aim is to shine a spotlight on Irish flowers, to showcase the passion and skill of our members and the beauty of their produce. We hope to raise awareness of the increased availability of Irish home-grown flowers and educate consumers on when Irish flowers are in season. We want to encourage the public to support local by buying more Irish flowers”.

Bee and Sunflower, courtesy of Geneva Pattison.

Britta is asking people to check the Flowers Farmers of Ireland website to see profiles of the members that are now growing and selling fresh flowers and foliage from Irish soil and to support their local sellers. Many of the members of the organisation have active social media accounts where they share the latest news on growing fresh flowers in Ireland and the trials and tribulations regarding Irish climate!

Britta continues by saying:

“The Covid pandemic has encouraged many consumers to re-assess their buying habits, particularly when it comes to sustainability and environmental issues. For example, our Members report a growing interest in buying from sources that are growing pollinator-friendly plants, given the need to support our vulnerable bee-populations. We are also seeing increased online sales channels developing, with the courier network able to deliver fresh flowers nationwide”.

Britta also elaborated by saying that the Members of the FFI are creative people, who strive for excellent design while maintaining sustainibility in everything they do:

“They also tend to be resilient individuals with a good work ethic, as growing fresh flowers is labour intensive and subject to many and varied challenges – particularly the weather”.

To find your local Flower Farmers of Ireland member, see

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