Boland’s Mills

Google is tremendously excited to unveil our plans for Bolands Mills. Despite numerous delays as a result of Covid we continue to press ahead with our commitment to create a destination that is open and accessible to the local and wider community in Bolands Mills.

We want Bolands Mills to be a central part of the Grand Canal Dock area and create a vibrant, revitalized quarter that our neighbours, local businesses and Google employees can benefit from together. We are dedicating more than 50,000 square feet of space at Bolands to public use, including landscaped areas and a waterfront plaza which will offer a space for street food vendors and local group activities. A series of new streets and squares will connect Bolands to the surrounding neighbourhood.

We hope that Bolands will offer a vibrant mix of shops, cafes, restaurants, including a marketplace-style food and drink experience, that will make the Grand Canal area an inviting, vibrant place to be.

Google is also working with a selected shortlist of Approved Housing Bodies to offer the 46 apartments it acquired as part of the Bolands Mills development as fixed-term reduced rent opportunities to key workers in the local community. We will have lots more to come on this over the next few months.