Letters to the editor: Fighting Blindness

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Geneva Pattison

Newsfour received the following letter from Kevin Whelan the CEO of the charity Fighting Blindness. It relates to the forthcoming Retina 2021 public engagement day and how best the public can show their support for the charity. Visit the website, www.fightingblindness.ie to find out more.


Dear Editor

I would be grateful if you could permit me the opportunity to let readers of News Four know about a forthcoming virtual conference for people with sight loss and their families.

Most recent statistics show that there are almost 272,000 people living in Ireland with a vision impairment.

It’s been an extremely difficult 18 months for the country, and this has perhaps been even more keenly felt by people with sight loss.

Living with sight loss comes with many challenges. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has compounded these obstacles, from navigating a socially-distant world, to attending hospital appointments, to accessing public services.

With that in mind, our forthcoming Retina 2021 public engagement day, taking place on Saturday November 6 from 10am to 2pm, will focus on rebuilding resilience and optimism for the future among our community.

There will be presentations on the revolutionary developments taking place to retain and regain sight, as well as motivational talks on developing coping skills to ensure we live our best lives in the face of adversity.

There are indeed many reasons to be hopeful for what the next decade holds and this event aims to shine a spotlight on a very positive and encouraging future.

The conference is being presented virtually and registration is completely free at www.fightingblindness.ie

Your sincerely,

Kevin Whelan
Fighting Blindness
Third Floor
7 Ely Place
Dublin 2

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