New Cycle Bus Routes for Sandymount

A group of parents from Shellybanks ETNS (EducateTogether National School) have recently started two Cycle Bus routes in response to the lack of cycling infrastructure in the area. A Cycle Bus is a great way to travel to school with students cycling along a designated route with parents/guardians or volunteers accompanying them. It is a parent/guardian/community-led initiative whereby several parents and volunteers lead groups of cycling students to one or more schools. Cycle Bus “passengers” are picked up at specific “bus stops” along the routes at set times, with a “driver” at the front and parents/guardians/volunteers at the back and middle of the group. The two routes currently in operation bring children to Shellybanks ETNS. The first route began running on the 22nd March and starts at the junction of Strand Road, and St Alban’s Park, travelling mainly along Park Avenue. The second route followed on the 19th May and begins on South Lotts Road, travelling along Bath Avenue towards Sandymount Road.

The aim is to eventually create a network of Cycle Bus routes serving all National schools in the Sandymount, Irishtown and Ringsend areas. This will benefit students and the community alike by reducing the amount of car traffic in the area and encouraging regular exercise, which has been shown to improve students’ alertness and concentration levels. A Cycle Bus can ensure a safer journey with everyone cycling together in a convoy.

For more information or to volunteer please contact