Capital Credit Union Donates €2,500 To Plant Reforest Nation

Capital Credit Union is delighted to announce a new partnership with Reforest Nation by donating €2,500 to help them in their journey to plant 1 million indigenous Irish trees by 2024.

Capital Credit Union visited the Freedom Forest created by Reforest Nation in Wicklow where Reforest Nation want to create the largest Miyawaki-style forest in all of Europe. The goal of a Miyawaki-style forest is to build a 100-year forest in 10 years.

This partnership is part of a wider strategy by Capital Credit Union to be a more sustainable organisation. Capital Credit Union has taken a range of steps to become more sustainable including introducing digital screens and solar panels, digitising processes to reduce paper use, and encouraging members to receive their AGM notifications electronically.

Planting these trees that will have a huge impact on biodiversity. Reforest Nation’s reforestation projects aim to reintroduce diverse native woodland back into the Irish landscape. This will restore ecosystem services, promote, biodiversity and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

James Liston, Business Development Manager for Capital Credit Union said, “It is a unique opportunity for Capital Credit Union to support biodiversity and climate action. We look forward to working with Reforest Nation in the future again.”

Gearóid McEvoy, Founder of Reforest Nation and a Wildlife Biologist, said “These trees will provide habitat for Irish Wildlife and contribute to the fight against climate change. We hope Capital Credit Union
inspires other businesses big & small around Ireland to begin taking action in fighting the biodiversity & climate crisis.”