The Editor’s Corner – Aug/Sep 2023

by Eoin Meegan

Foremost in everyone’s minds at the moment is the Women’s World Cup and the wonderful job the Irish girls did in Aussieland. Sadly they didn’t progress from the first round, but there will be many more occasions in the future when they will get a chance to shine. They have certainly laid down a marker for Stephen Kenny’s lads! At only 18-years local hero Abbie Larkin will undoubtedly see many more World Cups and hopefully one day raise the trophy and bring it back to Ringsend. The people here have been rightfully honouring Abbie with the village awash with green, white and orange flags. Long after the last ball is kicked, and the bunting taken down, this event will live in memory. Girls, you made us all immensely proud.

I remember back in 1990 when the whole country went doolally over Jack’s army and Italia ’90. It was indeed a joyous occasion which gave the country hope and a lift at a time when we were only starting to pull ourselves out of a very deep recession. Phrases like ‘a nation holds its breath’ and ‘put ‘em under pressure’ have gone into the collective consciousness of the nation. And now 33 years later we are having something of a déja vu moment. Only this time there is a difference. While back then it was a celebration confined to boys, now little girls up and down the country can kick a ball, imitate their sporting heroes, and dare to dream. Reflecting a more fundamental and long overdue societal shift, it is marvellous to see all our youngest members participating in their preferred sport with equal opportunity of representing their country on the highest stage. So, enjoy our centre page colour pull-out of the girls in green. Something to treasure for a lifetime.

It may have been the wettest July on record, but that didn’t dampen our spirits as the world turned a certain shade of pink. Yes, Barbenheimer had arrived. It is said that whichever film you went to see first (some recommend seeing both on the same day!) says something about your personality. But what exactly, I don’t know! Catch all the film fun on Pgs. 16-19 (Best Films of 2023 . . . so far, Galway Film Fleadh 2023, GAZE 2023).

If you’re still undecided about where to go for that late summer/early autumn break, then check out our holiday guide of the best hot spots around Europe (Pg. 10). Or, if you’re thinking of going to the Dublin Comic Con (Aug. 12-13) and you already have your Spider Man costume washed and ironed, and the extra strong sticky glue stitched in, then hurry along to page 4 and queue for beaming up.

Heroes aren’t short it seems in this bumper packed issue. On pages 26-27 we celebrate the life and fundraising phenomenon that is local man Liam Tilly. And we reflect on the life of the late and terribly
missed Sinéad O’Connor
(Pg. 32).

So between a sea of pink and an ocean of green it wasn’t a bad summer at all looking back. I hope you enjoy our bumper autumn issue of NewsFour.