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The Cinema Corner – January 26th

The Cinema Corner - January 26th

Slasher movies were everywhere in the late ’70s and early ’80s. While most were cheaply and poorly cash-ins, the fad did give us a few gems. One of the best is 1981’s My Bloody Valentine, a Canadian thriller noted for […]

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The Cinema Corner – January 19th

The Cinema Corner - January 19th

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest collaboration with Daniel Day Lewis, Phantom Thread, doesn’t hit Irish cinemas for another couple of weeks, but you can catch their previous pairing, 2007’s There Will Be Blood, screening from a 35mm print Saturday night at […]

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Holiday Show Winners Announced

And the winners of the three sets of family tickets to visit the Holiday World Show at the RDS from January 26 to 28 are: 1. Gretta Doyle, Avoca 2. Nobby Usher, Bray 3. Karen Tilly, Bath Avenue Tickets are […]

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The Cinema Corner – January 12th

The Cinema Corner - January 12th

Gary Oldman picked up a Best Actor award at the Golden Globes for his performance as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. It really is the definitive screen portrayal of the wartime Prime Minister. Joe Wright’s film focusses on the early […]

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NewsFour Launches Classifieds

NewsFour is pleased to announce that from our February 2018 edition, we will be running a small ads section to further open up our paper to the community at large. NewsFour has of course been in operation for over 30 […]

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BT Young Scientist Exhibition

Today marks the start of another edition of the popular BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition which runs at the RDS until Saturday. Now in its 52nd year, the exhibition itself is the final stage in the competition which is […]

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The Cinema Corner – January 5th

The Cinema Corner - January 5th

2018 kicks off with a strong week for new releases. Jupiter’s Moon is an extravagant and audacious thriller from Hungary in which an unscrupulous doctor goes on the run from the authorities with the levitating Syrian refugee whose supernatural abilities […]

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Holiday Show Giveaway

Calling all travel enthusiasts – to celebrate the return of Holiday World Show Dublin, Ireland’s premier holiday exhibition, we’ve got three family passes to give away! Holiday World Show Dublin, taking place at the RDS Simmonscourt from 26th to 28th […]

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Covanta Fund – Who Gets What

It may be difficult to look at, and the name of their community fund may be difficult to remember, but Covanta it seems are pumping out more than just smoke into the local community. The Dublin Waste to Energy Community […]

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The Cinema Corner – December 15th

The Cinema Corner - December 15th

Many horror movies have adopted a Christmas setting, too often for cynical marketing reasons. Joe Dante’s Gremlins however doesn’t have a cynical bone in its body. A classic piece of post-Spielberg ’80s blockbuster cinema, it’s a lot darker than you […]

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