Tidy Towns

tidy towns

You may have noticed over the last year or so that Sandymount has been looking brighter and cleaner and you will be pleased to learn this is the work of the recently formed Sandymount Tidy Towns group.

The roots for the Tidy Towns began with a “Village Design Statement” written in 2011. It outlines clearly the vision for the village and highlights what is unique in its people, its land and its architecture.

There have been a number of fundraising events which have included an Old Folks Tea Party on the Green; there was also a plant sale and a Bloomsday event. The Tidy Towns are keen to emphasise they have received great help from Dublin City Council who aided in the organisation of a ‘Yeats’ event on June 13th. They also helped with the Greenway Walk from Newbridge along the Dodder, and ‘Secret Gardens’ which entailed one day with fourteen people visiting six selected gardens. DCC also helped with the Garden Party and the Book Swap. For Heritage Week there was a ‘Walk and Talk’ with Rodney Devitt and on September 5th there was a talk was given at Railway Union as well.

As we approach Christmas there is a planned fundraising event taking place in the Sandymount Hotel on December 6th. James Bailey will show some lovely flower arrangements for Christmas, tickets are €10 and they are hoping to sell one hundred tickets which will hugely help with fundraising for next year.
What Sandymount Tidy Towns are looking to focus on for 2013 is ‘Village Branding’ which would entail a logo for Sandymount which could be used from letters to posters, to signage and high visibility jackets. They are also looking at a map of the local area showing historical and important locations. For 2013 they are focusing on litter bins and how best to improve the Green (seats and tarmac) and looking into the possibility of introducing a pedestrian crossing, some street planters or baskets and a rota for maintaining these.

The Tidy Towns has made a great positive impact on Sandymount, from making the village look cleaner, to creating a strong sense of local identity.

Ringsend and Irishtown are following suit with plans to improve their area too. Volunteer Ireland and Google have already committed to help as did Mayor of Ringsend Brian Betts and local Cllr Paddy McCartan. Both pictured painting the church railings on Thorncastle Street. If you would like to get involved please contact Paddy McCartan on 660 9202.