Irishtown Nature Park

Irishtown nature park

A few years ago a Biodiversity Action Plan was implemented for Irishtown Nature Park which was a landfill at one point and has become its own significant place locally. People are very conscious and very vigilant of what’s happening there which is brilliant.

The Park is constantly evolving and at the moment everything is quite young. The Japanese Knotweed classified as an invasive species is the only real threat there. It is very difficult to deal with and currently a problem around the whole country. With careful management the nature park should survive into the future.

Irishtown Nature Park is an asset to the area, and with the Shelly Banks and Dublin Bay in close proximity it makes the entire area extremely important ecologically. It’s future is important and should be protected and nurtured. I think a some extra bins in the seating areas would help maintain its pristine condition.

By Jason McDonnell