Angel Inspirations

Angel Inspirations1 - shopfront

Since opening in June last year, Angel Inspirations has already become a fixture in Sandymount Village, occupying a unique role within the community.

The shopfront, at 94 Sandymount Road, is the popular aspect of the operation, warmly lit from inside and host to a wide array of statues depicting angelic beings, Buddhas and mythic figures. Upstairs hosts a Holistic Centre for consultations such as Tarot or Angel Card readings, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and a variety of other more-or-less esoteric practises.

NewsFour met up with Angel Inspirations owner and founder Phil King for a brief talk,

NF: .What community outreach events do the shop take part in.

“Well, around last Christmas we ran an event for the disabilities charity Enable Ireland. We did the full works, everything; Santa, mulled wine, presents, and we also offered our own services, like advice on connecting with your personal angels. Also, we held a huge raffle. First prize was a hamper worth €250, and other business from the area supplied prizes too. The whole event was paid for by Angel Inspirations.”

NF: Have you plans for more events like that?
PK: “Plans, yes. We have lots of projects pending – Angel Days with interested groups, women’s groups and the like – but nothing I can really announce yet. I can say, the first one coming up will be in May.”

NF: What items in the shop are the most popular?
PK: “Oh, Himalayan Salt Lamps. [exotic salt crystal shells fashioned into light sources]. They’re very popular. Very healing, you can feel it in their presence. They soften the feeling in a room, people like them. Statues of Buddhas are very popular. Aromatherapy Oils and semi-precious stones. Books on reincarnation are very popular.”

NF: Was there anything else she wanted to share with our readers?
PK: “To the best of my knowledge, I’m the only person in Ireland who does Soul Plan readings. I take a person’s dates of birth and similar details and construct a model of their personal spiritual destiny. It’s a unique service, people should take advantage.”

By Ruairi Coneely