Kiosk For Sale


One of Dublin’s most valuable pieces of property is back on the market: the kiosk opposite the Ballsbridge Hotel at the junction of Lansdowne Road and Northumberland Road.

The site had originally been used by the Pembroke Fire Brigade, who stored emergency ladders there. Then, in 1920, the hexagonal kiosk we’ve become familiar with was erected.

For the majority of its life, the kiosk functioned as a small newsagent, bearing the logo of the Irish Independent. Before the service was discontinued, the Dalkey tram-line would pass by the kiosk. The structure came to be known as ‘Moran’s Kiosk’, named after one of its tenants.

With the building of the Jury’s and Berkeley Court hotels in the late seventies, the kiosk found itself sitting on an extremely valuable piece of land.

In 1989, the structure made history when it was sold for £132,000 (approximately €168,000, inflation notwithstanding) by property developer Phil Monahon (who made his name with the development of The Square Tallaght), making it Ireland’s most expensive piece of real estate by square foot value.

In 1996, O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars leased the kiosk and occupied the site until early 2012. When the property was put up for sale at a price of £250,000 in 1998, bids fell far short, with the highest offer just £155,000.

Now, with an asking price of €200,000, the kiosk is back on the market. Handling the sale is Natalie Brennan, Associate Director of Capital Markets. She told NewsFour there are “a lot of parties interested”.

Since April 2012, the site has been occupied by Silverskin Coffee Roasters, who serve a variety of specialty coffees including ‘Kopi Luwak’, an Indonesian blend made from cat faeces. “They initially leased it for a period of two years” Natalie says, “There’s an option for them to extend it for a further two years and nine months should they wish.”

A cup of ‘Kopi Luwak’ will set you back €30; one of the world’s most expensive coffees served from one of Ireland’s most expensive buildings.

By Eric Hillis