‘Hot Blondes’ To Light Up Ringsend

Hot Blondes to light up RingsEnd

In film-making jargon, ‘blonde’ refers to a floodlight used to illuminate a large area. Later this year, the streets of Ringsend will feel the heat of such lights as an upcoming film, titled Ringsend, shoots in the area.

A hot blonde of an entirely different nature, former Miss World Rosanna Davison, is set to make her feature film debut in the €5 million production.

The movie’s plot features a drug deal set against the backdrop of an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tournament being held in the area. Fintan Cullen, of the Entertainment Factory, is overseeing the development of the production and he told NewsFour he plans to employ locals to appear as extras in the film. “One or two of the focal points, including the main fight scene, will be filmed in Ringsend”. Cullen hopes to utilise the distinctive skyline of the Ringsend and Docklands area to portray Dublin in a more contemporary manner than we’re familiar with seeing on screen.

“The film will be one of the most unusual presentations of Ireland in the sense that we’ll be showing Dublin in a very modern light,” Cullen tells NewsFour. He promises it won’t be what he calls “diddly-aye” Ireland. Cullen feels, as far as cinema is concerned, that Ireland has been underselling itself. “As a country, we’re capable of producing much better. With the exception of Love/Hate, our two national broadcasters don’t seem capable of producing drama on an international level.”

Cullen speaks enthusiastically about the cast that’s so far been assembled; a roster which includes former Eastenders star Martin Kemp, rising actress Jenny Lee Masterson, and renowned choreographer Shabba Doo, star of the cult film Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. Making a return to the screen will be Don Baker, who Cullen describes as an actor of “exceptional capabilities”.

“Rosanna Davison will have the best acting coaches working with her for a period of three to four weeks,” he tells us. “Looking good isn’t enough. She’ll be trained by the very best.”

Cullen clearly believes in the project but his enthusiasm isn’t shared by everyone. Labour Councillor, and former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Dermot Lacey has voiced his reservations regarding the association of Ringsend with a violent drama. “Such a film, as long as it retains its working title, will inevitably cast a reflection on the real community of Ringsend,” he told NewsFour. “The people of Ringsend deserve better than their area, a watchword for real traditional Dublin community life, to be tarnished and associated in the international media with drug dealing, gangsterism, cage fighting and so on.”

“Silly and immature” is how Cullen describes the Councillor’s statement. “Mr. Lacey, and his people in government, are partly responsible for the current state of the country so it’s rich to have him criticise something which is going to show Dublin in a positive light,” he says. “He doesn’t know the script, he’s not Mystic Meg. It would have done him better to call me and meet for a coffee. I would have explained it, not that it’s any of his business”.

The councillor told NewsFour he attempted to contact Mr. Cullen by email but received no reply. “I hope the film is successful and brings jobs to the area,” he said, “but I believe it would be a good idea to change the name out of respect to the people of what is a very nice area.” He told us the film was brought to his attention by a number of concerned locals.

Cullen tells NewsFour he is happy to speak to any local residents who may have reservations regarding the film. “We want to show Ringsend in the best possible way and we want to hear from people in the area.”
Should you wish to contact Fintan Cullen, you can email ringsendfilm@eircom.net

Pictured: Jenny Lee Masterson, on left, with Rosanna Davison.
Photo courtesy of Irish Daily Star.

By Eric Hillis