Welcome to the new Margaretholme

Margaretholme 1.

The President of the Methodist Church of Ireland, Rev Ken Lindsay, officially re-dedicated the new extension and refurbishments to Margaretholme in Sandymount.

The event took place on May 17th, and hosted members of the Methodist Church of Ireland (who run the residence) dignitaries and the people who call the building home.

“We have a larger sitting room, we made the dining room much bigger, and we’ve also made our kitchen about twice the size that it was,” says Bill Colvin the Deputy Manager of Margaretholme. “We now have a very modern, upgraded set of buildings.”

The new building includes office facilities, en-suite rooms and a large television room for residents to enjoy. The building project also included an upgrade of the existing buildings that have been in place since the residence opened in 1965. These upgrades included installation of a central heating system, sound and heat insulation for the residents’ rooms, new wardrobe units, a divided bedroom, upgraded bathroom, updated living area and electrical rewiring of the whole complex.

“It was built in 1965 and there had been no upgrading done at all during that time. We replaced the central heating with five different units at the end of the blocks. So, if something breaks down, it’s only that particular unit that goes,” says Bill.

The building and refurbishment cost a little over €2 million, with building beginning in 2011. Funding came directly from Dublin Central Mission. The bad weather over the past few years slowed down the project considerably.

Initially, the plans included a separate complex of apartments being built off-site as a “stand alone block” right next to the existing building. The management was ready to apply to the local authorities for planning permission, before the Government pulled funding for the project.

Roberta Wright, a resident at Margaretholme, says, “It’s a whole new look on the place. The new dining area is bright and cheerful, there’s lots of space in it, and we can all see each other. It’s just a lovely environment and a lovely, happy atmosphere.”

Above: Re-dedication of Margaretholme, Claremont Road, Sandymount, Friday 17th May 2013
Pictured left to Right: David Reynolds; David Wilkinson; Rev John Stevens; Mrs Gillian Stevens; Mrs. Patricia Lindsay; Rev Ken Lindsay, President Methodist Church of Ireland; Doreen Colvin; Bill Colvin.
Photo by Patrick Hugh Lynch.

By Liam Cahill