Are You Running in the Dark Tonight?


Tonight, thousands of people will run in the dark with the intent of raising funds & awareness for a charity of their choice and to fund the search for a cure for spinal cord injury. There are 5 official locations where this run is happening tonight – Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London and Manchester.

Due to my lack of running knowledge my only advice to those running is to do a checklist to double-check you have everything specifically those who are travelling. My other advice would be to just enjoy it and to be proud of yourself for taking part in such a charitable event. It really goes to show that communities will get involved especially when it is for a good cause and close to our hearts.

The Dublin event will leave from Dublin City Centre (Hanover Quay) at 7.30pm tonight. We at NewsFour would love to know if anybody is running in the dark and what was your charity choice?

Best of Luck to everyone!