Ch ch ch…Changes


ringsend bridge1

You may have noticed a number of changes and structural upgrades if you livein , or pass through, Ringsend.

These changes are mainly small upgrades to Ringsend Bridge and cleaning on Thorncastle Street.

Ringsend Bridge was the first structure to undergo a makeover; both sides of the bridge were sandblasted to surface the original stonework in place since the bridge was built in 1803. Thorncastle Street and the paths outside Ringsend Library also underwent a clean thanks to a power-hose.

“The Bridge had never been cleaned, in living memory, it’s the first time it’s ever been done and it looks like a new bridge,” said Fine Gael Cllr. Paddy McCartan who instigated the cleanup. Cllr. McCartan worked closely with the Mayor of Ringsend Brian Betts.

After City Council boundary changes added Ringsend to Cllr. McCartan’s constituency, he drew up a plan with Brian in a bid to undertake small projects at reasonably low costs.

“He drew my attention to some of the issues, like the painting on the railings at Ringsend Church,” said Cllr. McCartan.

Cllr. McCartan said he has plans to continue undertaking small projects, which have minimum cost like opening up the Bottle Makers Hall.

“It’ll be interesting to see what will be made of the Bottle Makers Hall,” said Cllr. McCartan.

Image: Ringsend bridge this afternoon.

By Liam Cahill