Alternative Fitness

Alternative fitness

For some people, getting off the couch to do exercise can be one of the hardest things to do so NewsFour went out in search of something fun to get you back on track with your new year goals. Belly dancing, burlesque dancing, yoga, pole fitness, aerial hoop classes and acrobalance are all increasing in popularity.

Belly dancing is suited to the female body as the emphasis is on abdominal muscles, hip moves, and chest moves. This type of dancing can improve your posture and can help prevent back pain. Weight-bearing exercises like belly dancing can prevent osteoporosis, strengthen bones and can burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Burlesque dancing wouldn’t be aimed at making you lose weight like belly dancing but instead teaches you how to dance in heels to make you feel sexy. It is definitely something different and no experience whatsoever is needed at the Irish Burlesque School on Foley Street, Dublin 1.

Yoga is an ever-popular activity which helps to balance the mind and body. NewsFour spoke to Jeanne Fregil, Director of Init Yoga Ireland in Ringsend, “It is vital for people to find out their main motivation and to set realistic goals. I highly recommend yoga as it is not a high-impact activity (gentle to the joints) and it also helps calm the mind and alleviate stress.”

Sportsco Gym on South Lotts Road offers a wide range of alternative exercises like piloxing and shapeshifters. Piloxing is a new class that blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. Shapeshifters work in a group to achieve their weight loss goals. The focus is put on exercise and activity rather than endless yo-yo dieting. Participants are given routines to take home so they can continue the work during the week. Weight and body analysis are recorded each week, and lifestyle and nutrition tips are given in every class.

A new fitness and dance studio called Tribe Fitness on Upper Dominick Street in Dublin 1 is offering classes in pole fitness, aerial hoop classes, acrobalance and deep stretching. Lisette Krol, founder and owner of Tribe says, “The difference between normal gym training and our training is that we use equipment like poles and aerial hoops and we help people to create training techniques making it fun and interesting.”

Aerial arts and pole fitness might be tricky to start off but it’s all about the upper body strength and this is what beginners will learn here. Acrobalance is a combination of yoga, acrobatics and strength where one partner balances the other. The class helps build confidence, strength and trust allowing your body and mind to become more flexible.

By Donna Dunne