Ringsender Luke Cheevers’ New Radio Show


Tune in to Dublin South FM tomorrow afternoon for a trip through Dublin’s social history and rich tradition of song, with the Raytown Rhymer.

The 8-part documentary series will follow the life of Ringsend-born Luke Cheevers, a singer and storyteller who has long been a member of An Góilín Traditional Singer’s Club.

Nicholas Carolan, Director of the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin’s Merrion Square, believes that, “Luke really is unique, there’s nobody quite like him.” Fellow Dublin singer Niamh Parsons agrees, “Luke is such a fun person to be around. His knowledge of, and commitment to, the song tradition is unequaled. He is a real character, and always includes and encourages young singers.”

Luke, who has worked as a window cleaner on Grafton Street for 50 years, will bring the audience on a virtual tour of the parts of Dublin that he knows the best, including a colourful wander through the Ringsend of his childhood.

The Raytown Rhymer will be broadcast on Dublin South 93.9FM at 2pm on Tuesday 8th April, and will be repeated on Fridays at 12pm.

By Aimée MacLeod

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