Roches Positive Appearance and Wellbeing Centre


Hair loss can be a traumatic time for people and it can be hard to take the first step in getting a wig. Aileen Harding spoke to NewsFour about her experience with wigs. She was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago and jokingly describes her first wig as a mop.

Unfortunately in 2011, Aileen was diagnosed again with breast cancer but this time round she needed to be convinced that her next wig was going to be a completely different experience with a natural look. She went to Roches, a family run business specialising in providing solutions to people with hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or natural hair thinning. They have a branch on Merrion Road.

“I went in with my friend who was going to be the critical eye,” said Aileen. “I went out convinced that this was very different than my first one. When I went home that night, I wore my wig and didn’t say anything. My three kids never said anything, but I kept getting looks from them and eventually they noticed I got my wig.”

Aileen is in remission now and uses organic colour for her hair that Roches also provide.

Maura Roche, co-founder of Roches and daughter Anne have both had cancer which allows them to recognise how their clients feel and how they want to look. NewsFour spoke to Anne about taking that courageous first step in getting a wig. “During a first consultation, some people walk in and walk out with their wig while others find it a huge journey from their front door to here.” Roches have over 500 wigs in stock, allowing clients to try on a selection of wigs that mirror their hair colour, style and texture.

Roches have also expanded into breast care, prosthesis fitting, mastectomy bras, lingerie, swimwear and related products, offering an alternative to the three or four different types of bras to choose from at the hospital.

Above: Aileen Harding and Anne Roche.

By Donna Dunne