Spanish-English Language Exchange

Pic: Pearse Street Library

Pic: Pearse Street Library

Longing to learn a new language?

Pearse Street Library will be running a Spanish-English language exchange from this weekend.

The first exchange will be taking place from 11am to 1pm this Saturday in the Conference Room and as things stand, this free programme will run until the 16th of August.

Language exchanges are a great way to learn a new language with native speakers. They can teach you how to use a new language in a conversational setting, while at the same time helping another to learn your own language.

If you would be interested in the programme, but the day and time do not suit, then get in touch with the library, as they would like to know how much interest there is in the programme and if another time would suit better. To do so, you can email, call on 01 6744 888, or drop into the library itself.

By Aimée Mac Leod