South Docks Festival 2014

Pic: Ross Waldron of NewsFour

Pic: Ross Waldron of NewsFour

The 2014 South Docks Festival is due to kick off soon.

The annual event, organized by St. Andrew’s Resource Centre in collaboration with Pearse Area Recreational Centre and the City Quays Traditional Association, will take place from Saturday the 19th of July until Friday the 25th.

“Some of the events are very small and some are big,” said Jim Hargis, the organiser of the event. “People love it. We’ve been late organising it this year; obviously there are financial constraints in the current environment, but people love it.”

This year’s festival includes: an open air Cinema on the Dock in Grand Canal Basin, Bollywood dance lessons, Family Flix in St. Andrews, water sports and a grand parade that will go in and around Pearse Street.

The South Docks Festival has been operating for the past 27 years; Jim has been a part of the project for the past six. In that time, he has seen the local economy go from boom to bust but still retain that community spirit that makes this area unique.

“It was set up originally to bolster the local community in a previous recession and things were fairly difficult in the Pearse Street area,” said Jim. “So to rally community spirit, we set up a festival and it’s gone from strength to strength.”

For full details, visit the St Andrews Resource Centre website or their Twitter page, @SARCD2.

By Liam Cahill