On track at Irishtown Stadium

Irishtown stadium

Irishtown Stadium athletics track remains under reconstruction. NewsFour caught up with stadium manager Eoin Gallagher, who reported on the latest information about the track refurbishment. It has been unavailable from the 11th of August 2014, including the infield, throwing and jump areas.

Gallagher told NewsFour that the works are entirely weather-dependent. “The bottom layer needs to be completely dried out before the next layers get put down,” he said. “If the top layers get put down with any moisture in the bottom black layer then we would be pulling it up again within a few years. It’s better to get it done properly.”

Given that it should last for up to 20 years or more, should it be done right, and that there was a large Sports Council grant to provide refurbishment, he certainly has the long-term future in mind.

However, the clubs and locals who use it might be suffering ongoing disappointment for the time being, as there is no chance of the track being finished in the winter, as the temperature isn’t right to get the moisture dried out.

Crusaders, Dundrum South Dublin, UCD and Trinity are some of the main clubs which use it on an ongoing basis and they have had to make other arrangements for the time being.

In other news, Gallagher reported that the gym will be changed and extended by 50 square metres to suit the different needs of the customers frequenting upstairs. Construction work will begin in the studio on December 1st to extend the gym through into the studio. A wall will be knocked down to link the rooms. There will be an elite gym area, as well as a more easy-going end to the gym for newcomers. All are welcome.

The Irishtown gym and track updates can be found on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SportsandFitnessIrishtown

By Ferg Hayden