RICC Radio still making waves

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In late 2012 NewsFour reported on the opening of RICC Radio Station. It started out life on the internet where listeners from around the world can hear shows of all different genres created by Ringsend, Irishtown, and Sandymount residents.

Since that time Ringsend Radio has undertaken the challenge of moving from occasional programming to getting a full team of volunteers and presenters to accomplish a fully live daytime schedule of 9am–9pm.

On meeting station manager Noel McGuinness, NewsFour is impressed to find ourselves in a fully kitted out studio adjacent to the presenter’s booth where all the action is being directed.

Noel informs NewsFour that he aims for an FM licence to get the radio station onto our regular radio sets. “The first stage of that is to get a 30-day licence where the station will be on air and then hopefully we can obtain the full licence. The first two years were about getting the station up off the ground and building a foundation. Now that we have got it up and running we are starting to promote it further. We’re looking for volunteers for presenting and backroom staff. In particular, we might look at more talk-based shows to add to the music shows now.”

RICC radio wants to encourage anyone with an interest in radio in any way to participate. They can go down to the community centre and volunteer and learn quite a lot about the technical aspects such as sound engineering, equipment, and acquire all the knowledge needed to keep a radio station flowing.

Noel previously worked for NearFM and is the driving force in bringing Ringsend Radio forward in its development. The full live nine-to-nine schedule is part of that. Different shows include live music shows, talk shows, and even a golf show full of tips and chat on Tuesday at 6–7pm.

RICC radio can currently be found on the internet through www.riccradio.com where you can tune in live or select from one of their podcasts.
By Ferg Hayden