ISIS Plot to Infiltrate SAMRA

Pic: NewsFour Art Dept

Pic: NewsFour Art Dept

Shockwaves rippled across Sandymount this morning as news reached residents of an ISIS plot to infiltrate SAMRA.

Intelligence services near the Islamic State controlled city of Mosul in Northern Iraq uncovered documents relating to the planned operation.

The files – which were found in an abandoned ISIS training camp – showed advanced plans, and outlined methods operatives might use to assimilate into the area and quietly work their way into the Sandymount And Merrion Residents Association. There were notes and intelligence reports on SAMRA meetings and in particular ones relating to the plans for the Poolbeg incinerator, which they intended to support.

The seized documents detailed how they planned to occupy the old Glass Bottle site and declare it as part of the Caliphate, thus giving them a foothold to launch attacks into mainland Europe. NewsFour spoke to a security analyst about the shocking scheme: “It makes sense for groups like ISIS to have an international footprint, ISIS took note of SAMRA after their Tidy Towns award in 2012, their logistical and organizational skills would have been a great help in securing the Glass Bottle Site, their social media profile and mailing list would also have been invaluable to ISIS for community-related projects and events they were planning.”

A list of talking points were also found. These were themes that agents of ISIS were to have used if they felt their cover was about to be blown, including dog fouling on pavements, litter bin collections around Sandymount Green during summer months, and parking issues related to events in The Aviva Stadium.

An earlier abandoned plot was to have taken place at last year’s Red Hurley fundraiser gig. Agents were to have travelled to Ireland to use the gathering to moot the idea of twinning the Iraqi city of Fallujah with Sandymount.

By Steve Kingston