Supernatural Sizzling Sausages

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The Super Natural Food Market runs every Saturday 9.30-3.30 in St. Andrew’s resource centre on Pearse Street. The market hosts a range of organic food stalls and the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. The free-to-browse approach, combined with the selection of free tasting samples offered, makes a visit to the market an enjoyable Saturday afternoon outing rather than a food shopping chore.

The fish stall, packed to the gills with tasty offerings fresh from the Donegal coast, sets up on the path outside the centre. Although I’d recommend going there on your way out so you don’t have to carry a bag of fish around as you explore the market!

The smell of sizzling sausage welcomes you inside the hall entrance and much-appreciated hot samples are available for anyone who hasn’t had their weekend fry yet.

The coffee is superb and can be enjoyed at one of the tables next to the stage with occasional live music playing. There are toys and a small play area to keep any children occupied. The well-placed baked goods stall lures you with a gorgeous selection of cake pops, brownies and beetroot cupcakes to name a few.

Beyond the choice of organic fresh meat, fish, pastas, cheese, breads, fruit, veggies, pestos and more, there is a decent range of dry goods and cosmetics. Everything from bio-degradable bin bags to handmade face creams.

If you are having a lazy Saturday and don’t fancy cooking, there is the option of homemade Indian takeaway for dinner or you can go down the cheese, olives, pesto and gourmet bread picnic route!

The multi-cultural market represents a host of nationalities, from Greek and Italian to Indian and Irish, and the interaction between shoppers and vendors alike is warm and friendly. The market also offers a range of discounts, including bulk purchase and old-age pension rates. The sense of community is refreshing and different to the usual shopping experience.

By Caoimhe Fox