Hair today, help tomorrow

Pictured: The Waldorf Barbershop on Westmoreland Street.

Pictured: The Waldorf Barbershop on Westmoreland Street.

The Waldorf Barbershop on Westmoreland Street has embarked upon a charity drive to help children affected by cancer. The barbershop is now collecting hair from willing clients in a bid to send off the raw materials for wigs for afflicted children of the Little Princess Trust.

This all started when a student by the name of Gareth Chambers arrived at the Waldorf for a haircut. Gareth had been growing his hair for two years and had decided to contact Little Princess Trust regarding sending his shorn locks off to the charity.

When he originally arrived at the Waldorf he was informed that his hair was too short and had to be at least seven inches when in a ponytail, and as a result his hair was put into different sections and different layers.

The ensuing results can be found on a video on the Waldorf’s official Facebook page and the video was directed by Daire Carr, son of Linda Finnegan, manager of the barbershop. The charitable impulses were flowing during filming as a lady in the barber shop actually handed Gareth €10 to help in his cause!

“I just thought it would be a good thing to do for the future because we have so many guys come in getting restyled and the hair just gets left there, so we thought it would be really good to do something like that,” Linda told NewsFour.

Linda says that the barbers hate to see hair go to waste and will now be keeping in contact with Gareth regarding send-offs of hair to the Little Princess Trust.

“The plan is to get in touch with Gareth and just send it off or we could just do it ourselves,” Linda added. “We will be starting something; it’s just terrible to see all the hair being thrown out.”

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. They receive no formal funding and rely solely on charitable donations.

Information can be found online at

By Craig Kinsella