Eircode has arrived!

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A new system for defining postal addresses has been rolled out across the country today.

Eircode aims to resolve the issue of the high number of Irish residences which do not have postal addresses.

As Maria Shields covered last year in NewsFour:
“The seven digit code will be broken into two parts: a three digit routing key and a unique four digit identifier. The routing key relates to a specific area, similar to currently used area codes in telecommunications, while the unique identifier pinpoints the exact address.”

You don’t have to do anything, as your Eircode will be sent to you, and there is no change to your existing address: the code is simply added on to the end. For example, the NewsFour address now reads:

13A Fitzwilliam Street,
Dublin 4
D04 YX56

You can find more information on the Eircode website.

By Aimée Mac Leod