Zeba Sandymount – Turning Heads at the TrendVision Awards

Above: ColorVision Winner Ciaran Cannon of Zeba Hairdressing, Dublin with his model and host Jennifer Maguire at the Wella TrendVision Award 2015 Ireland Heat at DoubleTree by Hilton. Photo: Kieran Harnett

Above: ColorVision Winner Ciaran Cannon of Zeba Hairdressing, Dublin with his model and host Jennifer Maguire at the Wella TrendVision Award 2015 Ireland Heat at DoubleTree by Hilton. Photo: Kieran Harnett

The stylish Zeba Hairdressing Salon on Sandymount Road, Sandymount, is the latest addition to the hairdressing chain that has well-established branches in Maynooth and South William Street. NewsFour caught up with manager Ciaran Cannon as he cut to the chase about the hairdressing industry.

“I’m managing this branch in Sandymount for about a year now, but I have worked in the city centre, country and suburbs throughout my career and there’s a big difference between them all. The city centre can be exciting, professional clients who are busy and just need to get in and out of town. It’s manic in the city centre but then in Maynooth, it’s outside Dublin and it’s a shopping centre, people are specifically there to shop and that’s different again. When I was younger I loved the City Centre but now I want to slow down the pace a bit; I’m getting on now.” He laughed.

Cannon finds that he enjoys the more laid-back attitude of the Sandymount Branch:
“Even though it’s busy here in the suburbs and getting busier, it’s a relaxed atmosphere. The city centre is very mixed; anyone can walk in the door. Here, it’s the classics where you’ll get your highlights or the Balayage looks that people are asking for now. Local people going out for the night who want their hair done.”

Although Cannon manages the salon, he still keeps his hand in as a hairdresser:
“As manager, I am looking after the staff and clients. I went out on my own during the recession; terrible timing. At the time it was horrendous and painful, but I learned so much from it and it’s made me a better manager now.”

Pictured Above: Ciaran Cannon outside Zeba, Sandymount.

Pictured Above: Ciaran Cannon outside Zeba, Sandymount.

Cannon is also the senior educator for the entire Zeba company and this NewsFour reporter was beginning to wonder where he gets the time and energy to keep all this going and enter competitions too.

“Zeba have won dozens of awards over the years. Most recently, we won the Image award, which is the poster in the window of the salon. We also participated in the TrendVision Awards in London. From thousands of entries we got into the final six and went to compete in the Ireland and England final.

It was a great experience to be sitting in the room with all these industry icons. Top British hairdressers like Charles Worthington were there and Nicky Clarke was one of the judges.” He continued, “The competition was run by Image magazine for ‘the Overall Look’ and the Theme was, ‘Journey to Enlightenment.’ In the industry, especially in competitions, you have to look at everything.”

For Zeba’s entry to the TrandVision Awards, Cannon coordinated the idea and acquired the appropriate dress to complete the look. “When I say dress, I use that word lightly because it’s a rope! It looks the part, though.”

Cannon carries this holistic approach to his overall work ethic. You have to have an insight into fashion and trends. “Even clients, you look at how they’re dressed. You have to be aware of what will suit them. If someone walks in with a suit I’m not going to give them a mohawk”.

Speaking of the Sandymount branch, Cannon says, “It’s at a nice pace now it’s starting to get busy but a quiet moment is also fine. We feel we have a great team now and that takes time to build and it’s very important in a small salon like this. We have eight full and part timers and two full-time apprentices. They are all ambitious and all want to further themselves.”

When apologetically reminded of the numerous duties that come with his position, he replied. “I’m one of these people that has to keep busy. I like to keep my interests in all these different areas; with hairdressing I look after clients, as manager it’s the entire team and training is the whole company.”
Keep an eye on the Zeba website and Facebook page for competitions and offers in the New Year.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly