Cinema Roundup March 25th

Movie of the Week - Disorder

Movie of the Week – Disorder

Two must see new releases this week; the first is Disorder, a French thriller starring European man of the moment Matthias Schoenaerts as a PTSD suffering soldier who takes a job guarding the wife and son of a shady businessman. Director Alice Winocour does a stellar job of building tension through tight editing and an innovative sound mix. A filmmaker to watch!

The Club

The other film not to be missed is Chilean drama The Club, set in a safe house for a group of disgraced Catholic priests whom the church has hidden away from the public. The arrival of a man abused as a child by one of the group upsets the priests’ previously uncomfortable existence. Tough stuff, but essential viewing.


Also well worth catching is Indian legal drama Court, in which a progressive lawyer finds himself battling centuries of stubborn tradition when defending a folk singer accused of inciting suicide through his lyrics. Devoid of the showy speeches and grandstanding you associate with the genre, this is arguably the most realistic depiction of a trial ever put on screen, and a fascinating insight into a country struggling to balance progress and tradition.

Batman V Superman

Of course the release getting all the attention this week is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the latest superhero smackdown. One of the worst examples we’ve seen so far, it’s brainless, tasteless, heartless and humourless. How much longer will audiences continue to eat up this garbage?


The IFI hosts a Sunday afternoon screening of David Cronenberg’s ’70s horror Shivers, a timely choice given its similarities to JG Ballard’s novel HIgh-Rise, the screen adaptation of which is currently on general release.

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