National CPR Day returns for a second year


Image provided by Jim Hartnett.

National CPR Day will return for its second consecutive year on Saturday July 16th. It will make use of the format that made last year’s festivities such a success.


Community First Response groups, trainers and instructors will be hosting events all over the country in which they will teach Citizen CPR. Locals will be instructed in dealing with cardiac emergencies by checking patients, calling the emergency services and performing chest compressions.

Such skills are a great asset to have, as it can lead to a lot of lives being saved. Studies have shown that 10,000 people die from cardiovascular disease, and ten out of every seven of these people are accompanied by another person.

With each minute without aid, a patient’s chances of survival decreases by 10%. By performing the 3 C’s (Check, Call and Compress), one can buy time for the patient ensure the patient’s survival and buy time for them until emergency services arrive.

Dublin Zoo will be the main headquarters this year, as it was last year. In the next week or so, confirmed venues will be announced, with hopes that through promotion this year will see a significant increase from the 30 venues that hosted the events last year.

The success of last year’s event was the focus of a slot on RTÉ News and several newspaper articles.

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By Kevin Carney