DCC Notes

Above: Council housing for badgers?

Above: Council housing for badgers?

There were two meetings of the Dublin City Council’s South East Area Committee over the months of June and July. Major issues raised amongst both councillors and local residents concerned the state of roads, pavements and pedestrian access in the Donnybrook and Ballsbridge area.

Councillor Dermot Lacey raised the ongoing issue of the footpaths along Beech Hill Avenue in Donnybrook. Councillor Lacey wrote on behalf of the Beech Hill Residents’ Association to the Council, concerning this matter at hand. Footpaths had deteriorated and stumps had been left in the ground to cause further cracks to the pavements with roots coming through. Councillor Lacey has called for rapid actions to be made on such issues. DCC responded that such footpaths will be covered on their works programme. However, due to limited resources these works have not been carried out to date. The Road Maintenance Inspector is aware of such issues and DCC stated that a number of issues in the Beech Hill Avenue area will be addressed in due course.

Councillor Frank Kennedy spoke on the issue of repairing the severe pothole on Sydney Parade Avenue facing the wall of number 53a. Road Maintenance have inspected the above location and it has been passed on to a works crew to be repaired.

In response to question 10 of the April meeting of the South East Area Committee (SEA) on the matter of stone, gravel and cement being dropped from passing lorries on the Tritonville Road and Church Avenue, waste management services have since cleaned these locations on June 1st, last. The area is being monitored and Road Maintenance will remove the hardened concrete from the carriageway. It has also been stated that there is a 3.5 tonne limit restriction to the entrance to Bath Street and that it is not possible for vehicles exceeding such restrictions to use Bath Street for access to Ringsend.

Councillor Paddy McCartan enquired to the Manager on the length of time in which Anglesea Lane off Anglesea Road (At the Donnybrook end) will be closed off for the ongoing facilitation on the Flood Protection works. Following a recently approved T2 traffic permit Anglesea Lane will be closed from June 13th to December 23rd, 2016 for further development of these flood alleviation works. A letter has been sent to all residents in the area affected by these works, with the removal of the old flood wall and any back gardens which elongate into such work space. The digging up of the laneway will provide a large concrete foundation for the construction of a new wall, which will be higher and more effective in its use.

In response to Councillor McCartan’s enquiry into the safe removal of badgers from the Dodder at Anglesea Road with respect to the flood defences, the council stated that an artificial badger sett had been constructed and licensed under the work of a qualified ecologist from the National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS). It is likely that the trapping process will take a minimum of two to three weeks and once the area has been cleared of badgers, the flood embankment work will commence.

Councillor McCartan also enquired as to whether there are any plans to build a footpath at Beaver Row in Donnybrook outside of David Lloyd’s Gym. This matter has been referred to the senior engineer for Road Design and Construction for examination.

Councillor Frank Kennedy has put it to the Council’s attention that the matter of a continuous white line at the location of Sandymount tower on Strand Road, should be replaced by double yellow lines, for matters of removing any previous confusion to motorists and for reasons of safety. This matter has been referred to the Traffic Advisory Group for examination.

Above: Strolling in Herbert Park.

Above: Strolling in Herbert Park.

DCC replied to Councillor Claire Byrne’s enquiry on the storage of bins under the archway between Clyde Lane and Pembroke Place in Ballsbridge where local businesses are illegally storing commercial bins on the street causing obstruction to pedestrians and for the idea of their being a communal bin shed for future use.

DCC have responded to Councillor Kieran Binchy’s motion on speeding through Ailesbury Drive and have stated that the request for traffic calming measures will be addressed in due course.

Councillor Chris Andrews enquired whether Dublin City Council would investigate the matter of using or installing floating devices which might prevent litter from flowing through our rivers, particularly the river Dodder, as there has been a huge volume of rubbish going down the Dodder into the sea. DCC have responded and stated that the matter will be investigated and a report will be issued to the councillor in due course.

Councillor Dermot Lacey motioned for the Manager to report on a programme for the installation of pooper scooper bins to specific parks in the area, but also specifically to Herbert Park in Ballsbridge. This is with the hope of implementing and installing additional bins and these areas have commenced with an anti-dog fouling initiative for the summer based on previous measures used in the Dublin South Central Area.

Compiled by Robert Fullarton