Wakeboarding Tour to visit Grand Canal Dock

lunch at grand canal basin

For the second stop of the current Wakedock Grassroots Tour, cable wakeboarders from Ireland and the UK will descend upon the Grand Canal Dock.

Organised in association with Industry Wake Parks, the event will run from 9am to 6pm on Saturday September 17th. It promises to be a day of fun on the water with other wakeboarders, and is open to everyone from rookies to professionals.

Cable wakeboarding has gained considerable popularity in recent years with more than 400 parks being opened around the world. Along with seven other sports, it has been shortlisted for the Olympic Games in 2020.

The sport involves competitors being pulled along a course by a cable. If they fall the operator can steer the handle back to them and get them back on their feet, eliminating the need to swim to the quayside.

There will be competitions for wakeboarders of all skill levels, with an entry fee of €40 that covers practice in the morning, the competition run, a T-shirt and a lunch provided by Camile Thai.

Competitors will be allowed riding sessions, with pro coaching on hand to help them improve their skills and some pro demos mixed in.

Riders are encouraged to get in as much practice as possible during the free riding period and help create a community vibe among the participants. At competition time, they will be split into divisions and will have three passes and unlimited falls to impress the judges.

The categories which wakeboarders can compete in are numerous, with prizes from O’Neill and Feature Clothing up for grabs. Anyone wishing to find out what division they fit into can do so at this webpage.

By Kevin Carney