DCC Notes

Above: Donnybrook fire station is one of the controversial locations for metropoles.
Photo: Kevin O’Gorman.

Meetings of the South East Area Committee were held in December and January. A range of issues were discussed.

In the December meeting, Cllr Paddy McCartan raised the issue of the new development, Dunluce, a series of apartments in Ballsbridge, which residents are concerned about.

Cllr McCartan stated that there was a worry that there would be flooding as a result and asked for a commitment that construction would not cause flooding. It was stated that in the provisions of the licence they had to get rid of waste in an appropriate manner. Additionally, it was stated that there was no risk of flooding as the development was behind floodwalls.

Cllr Frank Kennedy referred to a question he had asked in the October meeting regarding no-cycling signs. There are a number of places where cyclists can enter the promenade without seeing cycling signs. He also wished for a review to be carried out by the Park Department into the extent of “impermissible cycling.” The reply at the time made a commitment to review cycling and to make Dublinbikes users more aware of the rules of the road. Cllr Kennedy found the reply “highly confusing” as no-cycling signs had been stencilled in at the entrance to the promenade. He stated that he wished for “a report on the precise position co-ordinated across the various departments of the council.” The executive stated that these are old signs and it “will be reviewed in the context of the recommendations within the new Dublin City Council Road Safety Strategy.

Cllr Kennedy said that he had been approached by the Chair of the Board of Management of Star of the Sea National School, Sandymount with regard to the heavy traffic at Leahy’s Terrace when children are going to and from school. It should be reviewed for all users of Leahy’s Terrace in order to avoid serious accidents. DCC stated that they will consult with the engineer and follow up with Cllr Kennedy.

Cllr Kennedy also asked the area manager to provide an update on “the attempts being made by the Planning Department to find an alternative site for the metropole advertising sign proposed for Donnybrook at the November meeting.” He stated that there is concern that the sign obstructs the fire services view when coming out. The executive stated that there are a number of stipulations involved, including commercial viability, health and safety, public liability and technical and engineering requirements.

In the January meeting, Cllr Dermot Lacey requested that the Dublin City Council Executive will include the area known as ‘the drain’, a laneway near Irishtown Stadium, included in a weekly sweeping plan and be examined to see if it can be resurfaced. The executive replied that it was in their works planned. They also said that there are no plans to have the area resurfaced but that Road Maintenance services will carry out necessary repairs.

Cllr Lacey requested the Traffic Advisory group “to look at the possibility of installing a roundabout at the junction of Newbridge Avenue and Tritonville Road”. The council reported that at the April 2015 meeting of the advisory group it was decided that it was not advisable to install a roundabout at said location.

Cllr Paddy McCartan requested an examination of the possibility of a pedestrian crossing at Park Avenue, Sandymount beside the number 1 bus terminus. He further stated that a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in the area when getting off the number 1 bus. The Traffic Advisory group will examine and report on the issue and Cllr McCartan will be informed in due course.

Cllr Claire Byrne asked as to whether there was any “plans to introduce requests for registrations of rentals and requests for change of use when sub-letting properties through Airbnb.” She also asked if there were any means for facilities for residents to make complaints arising from people subletting their house for Airbnb. The executive responded that following the finding of DCC and An Bord Pleanála, the Department of Planning, Housing and Local government is reviewing this with a view to coming up with guidelines regarding Airbnb.

By Kevin Mac Sharry.