Latest update on proposed Dodder bridge

Image courtesy of Kennedy Wilson.

Dublin City Council (DCC) recently published a draft planning scheme for the Poolbeg West, Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). Included in the plan were further details of the new Dodder bridge (also known as the “Gut Bridge”), about which we have been keeping you updated here at NewsFour.

In October of last year we reported that the new build, which will connect Britain Quay and York Road, was expected to launch in 2020. The new report indicates a change in that plan stating that the bridge will now be “delivered within a six-year period”, which would push the time frame out to 2023 at the latest.

Even though the bridge is not located directly within the SDZ, it is looked upon by DCC as “a critical piece of infrastructure to the success of this new neighbourhood”.

Regarding plans for movement of people and vehicles once the structure is in place, DCC have revealed an extension to bus route 15A, which will cross from John Rogerson’s Quay to Poolbeg at ten-minute intervals or higher. There are also proposals that the bridge will support a cycle lane as well as a path for pedestrians.

Interestingly for boating clubs in the vicinity, most specifically St. Patrick’s rowing club who are directly in the firing line, DCC state that “the design selected will ensure the continued functioning of the boat/rowing clubs in the area.”

On a separate but related story, we reported previously on the Docklands Business Forum’s proposal to turn the Grand Canal Dock area into a world-class luxury yachting destination for up to 300 boats. In this regard, DCC state that the new bridge will have a specific design “allowing smaller vessels to pass under and also being capable of opening easily to accommodate larger vessels entering the Grand Canal Dock or Dodder River.”

By Paul O’Rourke