Bath Pub Seniors’ Christmas Party

Pictured, from left: June Hilliard with Elizabeth McGuinness, Mary Lawless and Grainne McGuinness.

On Monday last the senior residents of Bath Avenue attended the Annual Christmas party hosted by the Bath Pub. Since the new owners, Brian and Stephen, took over the Bath Pub in 2012 they have provided a fun-filled night of food, entertainment and drinks for the senior residents.

The Seniors Night is a huge success. All thanks must go to the owners, the managers Brendan and Kevin, the staff and the local volunteers. It has now become an event that is much looked forward to and talked about by the locals. The Bath Pub sponsors numerous amounts of local groups and charities. No request is too big or too small. The Bath Pub also sponsors Mr Tilly’s Christmas lights display.

Happy Christmas to all the staff at the Bath Pub and many thanks for your generosity.