Santa Claus came to the Green

By Jennifer Reddin

The main man

Long before Christmas, Santa Claus is already on his tours around the world and checking how the preparations are going for the important day in December.

And so he journeyed to Dublin and paid a passing visit to Sandymount on Saturday 18th November, where he had apparently lost one of his reindeer. “Yes, I was in Dublin Zoo first and now I came here to Sandymount and my reindeer got lost. It’s around here, somewhere, in Sandymount Green.” He told NewsFour and also the many children who passed him outside the Scarecrow flower shop.
There Fionnuala McAuley was busy putting together Christmas orders. “We will deliver our orders basically right up to Christmas Eve, 24th. “

Meanwhile Santa freely handed out little packets with his very special reindeer food and glitter. “So, you sprinkle it outside your house or around the fireplace and when I come on Christmas Night on my sleigh, the reindeers and I will see it and know where to leave the presents for you.”
At precisely 5.17pm, all five and a half thousand lights were switched on for Raymond Byrne’s butcher shop. Local Carol singers from the Gospel Choir invited everybody to join in “Jingle bells” and other Christmas, wintery airs to get in the festive mood, mood.

A first ‘taste of’ was offered by samples of cookies, sausages and sweets from selection boxes, plus some mulled wine to ward off the cold.
Santa Claus was still busy, borrowing a scooter for a bit of exercise along the footpath to loosen his tight-fitting coat a bit for his later departure from Sandymount. “I need to be able to squeeze back up the chimney. But I love Sandymount. I want to stay here for the night.”

Another guest didn’t plan to stay the night and was not even heading out for the Aviva. Eoin Reddan came with his little daughter for the countdown to switch on the five and a half thousand lights around Byrne’s butcher shop. “And then I will go straight back home. My wife just had a baby and that’s more important, right now.” The former Ireland international rugby player has been living in Sandymount since 2009 and one of his player jerseys is on display in the shop behind the counter.

NewsFour is sure that Santa and his missing reindeer got re-united and journeyed safely back to the North Pole after he could see the all shops and windows were decorated and illuminated for the big day in December and of course all the passers-by who were delighted to see him, even if he did cause a few traffic jams at the traffic lights.
Remember, anyone who hasn’t send her or his letter to Santa yet, can still do it. Letters to Santa can, of course, still be sent to: Santa Claus, North Pole with a €1 stamp on the envelope. Don’t forget your clearly written address, so Santa can send you a reply before Christmas Day.