DCC notes

Compiled By Paul Carton


Tree Programme for 2018: It is anticipated that this work will be undertaken over the coming months and prior to the trees coming into leaf.

At Shrewsbury Park, there is a planned crown reduction of 17 lime trees and felling of trees. After an inspection by DCC trees services of a tree on the Sandymount Road reported to be leaning dangerously on a public footpath, it has been concluded that the tree is in fact on private property and that the owner will be contacted in due course.

Areas logged onto Asset Management System for repair:

Improvements and repairs to the footpaths along Shelbourne Road The footpath close to number 1 and 82a Spencer Street will also be scheduled for repair, as is the road surface on Elgin road between the church and the roundabout on Raglan Road. Potholes will be filled in along the cycle lanes on both sides of Shelbourne Road.


Ten Sheffield stands will be installed in the car park adjacent to the South Bull Wall as part of the ongoing On-Street Cycle Parking Project, providing parking for 20 bicycles. It is envisaged that the stands will be installed in the third quarter of 2018.


The intersection on Gilford Road leading on to Park Avenue, Sandymount has been requested to be examined as a safety issue. Residents of adjoining Bethany House are requesting either a pedestrian crossing or a zebra crossing on Gilford Road to allow a safe passage to Sandymount village.The SEAM confirmed it will be passed on to the Traffic Advisory Group.

A request to reduce the wait time pedestrians have to endure at the lights at Appian Way and Leeson Park was put forward.The SEAM confirmed that the junction sequencing at these lights have now been modified to reduce wait times.


There was a request for gullies on Burlington road to be cleaned. The SEAM informed that most of the gullies at this location were cleaned at the beginning of February, but two of them were not cleaned due to a skip preventing access and another was damaged.


Trees Programme 2018:

The South East Area Manager (SEAM) confirmed that four trees at Stella Gardens/Rosary Terrace will be removed and replaced with a more suitable species and that the Parks Division Road Maintenance service will repair the footpath at this location, which had been damaged by the large, hazardous trees that are currently in place.


Cllr Claire Byrne and Cllr Paddy McCartan asked for the graffiti to be removed from the  DART line near Sandymount Station and Eastmoreland Lane and were told by the SEAM that this was on private property and the owners will be contacted.

LED Replacement Programme for 2018:

Ailesbury road, will have the remainder of their orange coloured low-pressure sodium lights replaced with LED, subject to available finances.


Cllr Paddy McCartan relayed a resident’s disappointment of waste management services, including the DCC for the neglect in their area in St Brendan’s cottages in Irishtown. The SEAM informed him that Waste Management Services inspected the area in February in response to a complaint then and for any incidences of future littering, people are advised to immediately contact southeast@dublincity.ie.


Cllr Claire Byrne and Cllr Frank Kennedy inquired if there was any update to the cycle routes along Strand Road and also Ringsend Bridge. The SEAM confirmed that a study was carried out by the National Transport Authority (NTA) on the coastal route and that they are currently going through the 600 submissions. When completed, the next step will be to engage with Dublin City and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown councils. In regards to Ringsend Bridge, the SEAM said that it is part of the Dodder Greenway project, which is to resume in May 2018.

Cllr Frank Kennedy also asked the SEAM to clarify on usage of delivery vans and Garda vehicles that use the cycle lane on Westland Row off Pearse St. The SEAM told Cllr Kennedy that this cycle lane is for cyclists between the hours of 07.00 and 19.00 hours Monday to Friday and that Dublin Street Parking Services will be instructed to monitor this area and take action on any driver who uses the lane between these hours and that no enforcement will be taken against Garda Vehicles.

Cllr Claire Byrne and Cllr Dermot Lacey requested bike parking at the Sydney Parade and Sandymount Dart stations The SEAM confirmed contact has been made with Irish Rail regarding such and await a response.


Morehampton Terrace is not on the 2018 Road Resurfacing Works Programme but will be put forward for consideration next year. A sewage manhole at Derrynane gardens, Bath Avenue is elevated and the surrounding tarmac is caving in around it. Road maintenance services will examine the issue.

Areas logged onto Asset Management System for repair:

Bath Avenue, is among these due to its poor state, the depression on Pigeon House Road and a major pothole on Durham Road off Gilford Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4, because it is dangerous for cyclists.

Road Calming measures:

Cars coming down the Sean Moore Road, heading down to Pigeon house road towards the Poolbeg yacht club travel too fast. Attention was brought to the matter by the 1st Port Sea Scouts. The SEAM confirmed the DCC will have a look into area to see if measures can be taken.


Cllr Dermot Lacey requested external downpipes at Cambridge Court to be cleared, as several are now blocked and broken and causing damages to houses. The SEAM said that these will be inspected and cleaned or repaired where necessary.

Cllr Sonya Stapleton called on the SEAM to ask the Minister for Housing to reconsider the €320,000 price cap put on the value of the house you can buy through the affordable housing scheme in relation to the IGB site. She argued that it is unrealistic with this area in mind, as average prices in this area exceed €400,000. Upon the committee agreeing to this motion, the SEAM will convey this to the Housing Minister.