Mexican art on Raglan Road

by Paul Carton

Doris Calderon. Photo: Paul Carton.

Between the months of April and June, the Mexican Embassy on Raglan road hosted an art exhibition. Colores de Mexico showcases over 25 artists from the homeland and was open to the general public at the embassy.

This allowed visitors in the area in through its doors to take a glimpse of Mexican culture and tradition and perhaps take home some of the pieces with them. Acrylic and oil paintings, sketches from pencil and sculptures made from mud and metallic resin were only some of the interesting displays that were brought over to Dublin by the firm Art-Promoter.

Doris Calderon, who owns the company and also has a music art management company, says that this project was a year in the making, and that Raglan Road is not the only Dublin location for the gallery. Doris told NewsFour that the gallery, which includes traditional and contemporary art from Mexico, and this particular exhibition Colores de Mexico, will move to 56 Lower Gardiner St, Dublin 1 for the months of June and July.

Prominent in Mexican traditional and Huichol (indigenous) art are lots and lots of skulls. Doris tells us, “it is a main theme in Mexican culture due to our connection and celebration of the dead, sort of like your Halloween” Doris says that these skulls represent ‘Catrinas’ which is a female skeleton always dressed in outfits from a particular era and which is a humorous take on morbidity in Mexico.

Music from Mariachis on the opening night in Raglan Road brought large crowds to the embassy, so if you are heading for a visit to the In-spire Galerie for the next showcasing, make sure you contact Doris on 0851552007 for details on its opening night.