StepUp for Stevo

By Kathrin Kobus

Photo: Kathrin Kobus.

Around four hundred, maybe even five hundred family, friends and teammates turned up on Sunday April 8th for a charity run in support of local teenager Stephen Deering, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. NewsFour had joined the call-out in the community for this charity event, organised within just four weeks from the spark of the idea to the actual event.

Whoever NewsFour spoke to during that afternoon, they all agreed on one main thing: “It shows the community spirit, how we all came together to help out. We look after each other in tough times like this.”

Stephen’s close friends had come up with the idea and with a little help from parents and coaches campaigning in the neighbourhood and the invaluable word of mouth method, the event got sponsors, raffle prizes, music and the white blue tops sorted.

The initiators of the event performed a flash mob dance to the tune of ‘Prince of Bel Air’ before an audience of members and students from Cambridge FC, Homefarm FC, Clanna Gael, Oatland School, Marian College, St. Mary’s and St. Brigid’s from Haddington Road, Scouts 4th Port Division to name a few.

Kids, teens, coaches, family members plus some canine supporters completed the race or walk along the footpath around Sean Moore Park and up onto the Beach Road and back again

It was a long afternoon until the race/walk was finished and due to the drizzling rain the raffle lottery took place in Clann’s hall. But whatever prizes were won this afternoon, NewsFour joins all the well-wishers and hopes the one true winner can only be Stephen Deering.