David celebrates 100

By Eoin Meegan

Photo: Eoin Meegan

Many congratulations to local man David Crowe who celebrated his 100 birthday on the 28th of April last with family, friends and well-wishers in the Sandymount Hotel. Although born in the cottages in Harold’s Cross, David spent most of his life in Bath Avenue.

A former runner with Donore Harriers, David took part in races throughout Europe. He is still fit and active and does press-ups every morning, putting many a younger man to shame! A non-drinker and non-smoker all his life, David attributes his good health and longevity to keeping active every day.

David lived through the making of history, including Irish independence and the formation of the New State. He recalls a time when he was very young, when the Black and Tans kicked down the kitchen door in Harold’s Cross and took away two workmen, who were later shot. Years later, he worked in England and saw first-hand the destruction in both Birmingham and Coventry of the bombings carried out by the Luftwaffe. David has seen many changes in his long lifetime, most of which he believes were for the good.

A master plasterer, David is skilled in the highly specialised craft of Georgian moulding. His work got him involved on the set of many films, including John Boorman’s ‘Excalibur’. He worked in Ardmore Studies and over the years rubbed shoulders with many stars, including Maureen O’ Hara and John Wayne.

Not phased by modern technology, David has spoken to relatives on Skype, and only recently took his first selfie. A lifelong member of the Pioneer Movement of Ireland, his advice is “keep active every day and get up early in the morning.”

Sadly, David’s wife, Kitty, passed away eight years ago. He is the proud father of six children, Seamus, Elisabeth, Rose, Ann, Catherine and David, and many grandchildren.

We know everyone had a wonderful day that sunny Saturday, and we wish David many more years of health and happiness.

Photo: Eoin Meegan.