The Art of Mental Health Festival

The art of mental health? Conjures up in my mind that drawing from a sufferer of schizophrenia trying to explain the disease to someone (see photo).

Photo: Wikipedia

Although that painting is raw in its form it encompasses a lot of what this festival is about. The festival which is on all over the city and country is called the ‘European Mental Health Art & Culture Festival’ and is hosted by a company called First Fortnight. The festival showcases work from artists who have or been close to someone that has experienced mental health problems and used their creative mind to help overcome its symptoms. An example here would be ‘Warpaint’ which is Free and runs until the 19th of January at the Science Gallery on Pearse Street. Artist Emma Sheridan who herself recovered from perinatal health issues after her first born, brings together stories from people bouncing back from mental health issues in a collage of paintings that aims to explain how these people who suffered these mental health problems, faced them alone, but were still part of a wider, although invisible community. Emma is also running a Free workshop this Saturday at 2pm.

For a full list of all the events please visit for full details and event booking. Alternatively, you can pick up the brochure at your local library.

By Paul Carton

Online Editor