Pillowcase campaign join strong coalition this Saturday

The housing and homeless situation has generated so many activist groups that there was nearly a new one setting up every week. Now they’ve formed a coalition, strength in numbers. If the numbers of the homeless and rent increases don’t scare the government perhaps the numbers that make up this coalition will.

Yesterday in the Dail, TD Richard Boyd Barrett put it to Tánaiste Coveney how the situation regarding developers and housing is alarming. Large construction companies such as Kennedy Wilson have shown unprecedented profits this year but yet Ireland is in an emergency crisis regarding homes. Coveney said the numbers of homeless have levelled off and that people are being provided with state support for rent and said that Barrett was talking in ideological terms. Reality according to the Tánaiste is what they make it.

Be part of the campaign this Saturday and take back this country for housing before the government yard sale begins again.

Paul Carton

Online Editor