Practice makes perfect for St Patrick’s rowers

Ladies’ Medal winners also achieving personal bests. Photo by Kathrin Kobus.

By Kathrin Kobus

The rowing season is not back yet for another few weeks, but to stay in shape and active St. Patrick’s rowers were working out on those rowing machines you see in any fitness studio right next to the treadmills.

Just rowing away the kilometres or miles in a training session is not enough for athletes who look for the kick of a competition.

St. Patrick’s Rowers went to the National Indoor Rowing Championship in Limerick in January and came back with a bag full of medals. “Nine of our members took part in the national competition. Sonja Fuhrmann took gold in the ladies 40-49 category, Colm Colgan took bronze in the lightweight (under 75kg) Ken Cunningham took bronze in the 2,000m 60-69 category and silver in the 500m sprint, Irene Collins took silver in the ladies 50-59 open.

In addition to the medals, all athletes achieved personal bests,” Said Eimar McCormack, speaking to NewsFour. “We always partake in indoor rowing. It allows us to keep fit over the winter period and to improve our technique, we are also being trained by a past Irish World Champion and Olympian, Niall O’Toole. We haven’t stopped training all year and now we’re ready to take on the season ahead.”

That will be in April. Until then, it’s gym time and back on those rowing machines to set some more PB’s aka Personal Bests.