Here’ll be … Aliens

The 77th Worldcon got underway yesterday evening at the Convention Centre. Till Monday the space between CCD and the Point has become Area 51 for science fiction and fantasy fans.

fans arriving at the CCD

About 7,000 will have made the journey, fans and guests a like. Some in costume already others looking like field reporters for the next edition of a Hitch Hikers guide through scifi galaxies. In the real world they have travelled overseas from any of the other continents, Antarctica  possibly excluded.

One guest of  honour, American writer Diane Duane was delighted at the press conference: “When Dublin got the nod, I was like finally a Convention I can go to on the bus.”

Another guest from America is NASA astronaut Jeannette J. Epps who today began her Con duties at the informal ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ with fans.

Dr. Jeannette J. Jepps on the left

The programme is packed, with talks, readings, signings, and various scifi themed performances in rooms, halls available on all levels of the CCD, the warehouses at the Point and the screening place at the Odeon.

The big event will be on Sunday evening the HUGO awards, while the call for “It’s a wrap.” will come on Monday.

By Kathrin Kobus