Shakespeare in a Park near you

The Robert Emmet Community Development, plus Direction Out, DCC, and Stanislawski studio proudly present Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” in a musical adaptation.

Tomorrow and on Thursday they will be pop up in Merrion Square and in Herbert Park respectively. NewsFour met with Garalt Canton who came from rehearsals and was then still scouting and finalising Dublin parks for performance possibilities. He has transformed Shakespeares play for the open air staging. “Our adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing is set in a leafy suburban terrace garden in South Dublin during the Celtic Tiger 90’s. Songs and gags from those years abound as the on, off and on again romance between Beatrice and Benedick plays out during an election victory party. We are a bit in a Celtic Tiger Mark 2 right now, but our play is set during the 90ies, and that will include a mention of brown envelopes changing hands.”

The performances are timed to last no longer than an hour, the troupe is small and it’s a learning curve for them. “We have 11 players. They are students on the three year course. Theatre in the park is just one of the modules aspiring actors have to accomplish during the programme. It is not only the acting bit but all parts involved in a theatrical production, minding props, sorting out exits entrees, first aid, safety for members of public and company Health and safety They have to learn to look after themselves.”

While one part of the company will set up a provisional staging area, others will be ushering curious passers bye to enjoy theatre in a very direct and intimate way. Here are the details:   

Wednesday 21st August in Merrion Square Park at around 1:30pm

Thursday 22nd August in Herbert Park at around 2:30 pm

And back again in Merrion Square Park on Saturday 31st August at around 1:30 pm 

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